Trinidad and Tobago 

#MISS JULIE A naturalistic play

From the play by August Strindberg.
Directed by Errol Sitahal
Co-Directed by Aryana Mohammed

The Players; 
Rebecca Foster - Miss Julie
Vedesh Nath - Jean
Tishanna Williams - Christine

Produced by Farrukh Altaf Barlas

The play follows the relationship between Miss Julie a noble-woman and her young servant, Jean, on Christmas Eve night. Miss Julie has just broken off her engagement to her fiance, and is drawn to Jean's charm. She flirts with Jean in front of his fiance, Christine, and Jean in turn encourages Miss Julie and flirts back. 
Their relationship escalates when Jean pretends to be in love with Miss Julie, and persuades her to run away as it is the only way they can escape their dark pasts and even darker realities. But how far can they run before the darkness consumes them? 

Thursday 18th Dec. - 8.00pm 
Friday 19th Dec. - 8.00pm 
Saturday 20th Dec. - 3.00pm 
Saturday 20th Dec. - 8.00pm 
Sunday 21st Dec. - 3.00pm 
Sunday 21st December - 6.30pm 

The tickets are divided into three parts: 

$150 (Fri, Sat) 8pm, 19th-20th Dec (Sun) 6:30pm, 21st Dec 
$200 (For two persons only) (Sat and Sun) 3pm, 20th-21st Dec 
$300 ( it's a Red Carpet media night, media coverage, plus appetizers and wine) (Thursday 18th Grand Opening of Miss Julie) Requested to come at 7pm to enjoy the meal and environment. 
Media night tickets are only available on following contacts only 719-9102, 499-2280. 

Tickets available at the following outlets now. 
Xtra Foods, Grand Bazar, Chaguanas, Arima. 
Apsara Resturant, Port of spain (623-7659) 
Tandoori hut, Trincity Mall (640-8020) 
Pooja Bhavan Ltd, Watts Street, Curepe & Eleanore Street, Chaguanas (663-6084/672-4423) 
Alextronics Arima (667-0724) 
Bhagan's Drug Store, Price Plaza, Chaguanas (672-9514) 
Cleve's, Frederick Street, Port of Spain (624-0827) 
Bluestar Drugs, Movietowne (623-0542) 
Mandy's Trincity Mall (640-5553) 
Massy Stores Gulf View (657-0721) 
jabili Rahway, 140 eastern main road, Tunapuna (663-7477) 

December 18th-21st 2014 daily door closes 7:45pm 
Show time 8:00pm till 9:10pm Daily 
CLR James Auditorium, 
Cipriani College of Labour 

One of theatre's most performed plays comes to Trinidad for the first time. August Strindberg's classic play, "Miss Julie" runs December 18th-21st at CLR James Auditorium, Valsayn. The play is directed by local veteran, award-winning actor and director Errol Sitahal and co-directed by Aryana Mohammed. 
Miss Julie has received awards globally and is recognized as one of the most powerfully a d significantly written plays. 

For Box office call 719-9102. 

Event page: : 



TAS - Teatro Animação de Setúbal 



Theatre Rusticle 

The Stronger Variations 
inspired by August Strindberg'™s The Stronger 

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre 
November 27 - December 7th, 2014 

Featuring: Liza Balkan, Andrya Duff, Chala Hunter, Viv Moore & Lucy Rupert 
Costume Design: Dylan Bobier * Costume Assistant: Sandra Mandich 
Set Design: Lindsay Anne Black * Set Assistant: Lindsay Anne Black 
Lighting Design: Michelle Ramsay * Lighting Apprentice: Geneal St. Clair 
Sound Design: Paul Humphrey * Artistic Assistant: Matthew Lawrence 
Fight Direction: Simon Fon 
Production Management: Charissa Wilcox 
Stage Management: Sarah O'™Brien 
Conception and Direction: Allyson McMackon 

In 1888, playwright August Strindberg penned a little piece called The Stronger as part of an Experimental Theatre Project. The 20-minute 'œplayette' was a two hander for two characters called Madame X and Mademoiselle Y. They meet in a cafe one Christmas Eve. Mme. X speaks. Mlle Y does not speak. Through this chance meeting, we learn that Mlle Y is not only the friend of Mme X, but her husband'™s mistress. This semi-autobiographical play featured the compelling conventions of speaking versus silence and simultaneously tore into devastating themes of love, betrayal, loyalty, marriage, family, friendship and the huge question of what is a strong woman? Is a strong woman one who stands by her man? Is she someone who marches to her own drum? Is she honest? Is she capable of revenge? Is she able to define herself under her own terms? Is she defined by the supposed to be'™s of society? Is she a Wife? Is she a Mistress? 

In 2005, we built a play for the Toronto Fringe inspired by Strindberg'™s experiment called, The Stronger ~ A  Variation. Through the course of an hour, Lucy Rupert, Viv Moore and Liza Balkan alternated the roles of Wife and Mistress in a series of variations on this theme of Strindberg. A sell-out at the festival and named one of the top productions and ensembles, we continued our exploration in 2006 and added Misha Albert, Patrick Conner and Matthew Romantini to the mix in The Stronger Variations. Produced in association with Harbourfront Centre, this 'œnew' version added a male perspective and our revamped theatrical theme and variations garnered a Dora Mavor Moore Award Nomination for Outstanding Lighting Design for Michelle Ramsay. 

In November 2013, the project was also used as a teaching tool and reset on the 4th year acting conservatory at York University. This youthful version was produced as part of Theatre@York'™s 2013/14 season. 

And now... 
On November 27th, 2014, The Stronger Variations will receive another life at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Featuring a multi-generational cast that includes Liza Balkan, Andrya Duff, Chala Hunter, Viv Moore and Lucy Rupert and design by Michelle Ramsay, LIndsay Anne Black and Dylan Bobier, we return to the cafe one Christmas Eve and meet the women. We explore the notions of feminine strength, definition and sisterhood in an icily whimsical evening of theatre that takes audiences on a journey from the simple catfight to the complex places of forgiveness and empathy ~ all told in our inimitable style of physical theatre!!! 




PELICANUL | de August Strindberg 
Tue Nov 18 2014 at 07:30 pm 
Venue Mignon, Bulevardul Hristo Botev 1 , Bucharest, Romania 

Regia Amalia Olaru 

'œPelicanul' este un spectacol despre trezire. Este un spectacol despre pierderea iluziilor. 
Existam intotdeauna intre doua realitati: Realitatea noastra si realitatea celorlalti. Dansul dintre cele doua realitati este un joc de manipulare, un joc de putere, in care sentimentele devin confuze, artificiale, lipsite de autenticitate. Si daca trebuie sau avem datoria sa ne trezim si sa spunem adevarul, ce adevar conteaza cel mai mult, sau al cui? 

Adaptare dupa ”Pelicanul” de August Strindberg 

Ana - Ioana Macaria 
Daniel Chirila 
Cristi Gheorghe 
Plamena Angelova 

Miscare Scenica: Istvan Teglas 
Scenografie: Hermina Stanciulescu 
Muzica: Plamen Mircev - Mirona 
Lumini: Vova Rusnac 
Sunet: Catalina Antal 

Teatrul Mignon, Bucuresti Bulevardul Hristo Botev 1 , 030231 Bucharest, Romania 
Pret bilet: 35 lei, 30 RON 
Rezervari, la tel. 0726 243 907, sau la teatru cu 15 minute inainte de spectacol. 



Australia, Brisbane 

Arise Theatre Company 

August Strindberg's 'A Dream Play'. 

Directed by Willem Whitfield 
Choreography: Pearl Pearce Thompson 

Kylie Stephenson as Agnes 
Robert Friedland as The Officer 
Jack O'Brien as The Lawyer 
Willem Whitfield as The Poet 

Kirsten Lovett 
Matt Clayton 
Truly McCandless 

Pearl Pearce Thompson 
Saraphina Irvin 
Keia Mcgrady 

Produced by Didi Leslie 

Costumes: Kristine Von Hilderbrandt 
Sets: Ololade Adeniyi 




Saarländisches Staatstheater 

Fräulein Julie 
von August Strindberg 

Inszenierung: Christoph Mehler 

Fräulein Julie Yevgenia Korolov 
Jean Andreas Anke 
Kristin Sophie Köster 

Bühnenbild & Kostüme: Jochen Schmitt 
Dramaturgie: Nicola Käppeler 

Premiere am Sonntag, 16. November 2014 in der Alten Feuerwache 

Ein intensives Kammerspiel, das neben dem Kampf der Geschlechter die Tragik der gesellschaftlichen Klassenunterschiede zum Thema macht. 

Mittsommernacht: Fräulein Julie nutzt die Abwesenheit ihres Vaters, des Grafen, und tröstet sich über ihre soeben gescheiterte Verlobung hinweg: Ausgelassen feiert und tanzt sie mit den Bediensteten 'ihre besondere Aufmerksamkeit gilt jedoch dem Diener Jean. Julie initiiert ein Wechselspiel aus Koketterie und Ablehnung, das letztlich in einer Liebesnacht in dessen Kammer endet. Sie wird Jeans Geliebte, doch ihre gemeinsame Zukunft steht unter keinem guten Stern. Während Fräulein Julie ihrer Liebe Attribute wie Leidenschaft und Treue zuschreibt, sondiert Jean pragmatisch Zukunftsperspektiven. Weder die Erkenntnis, dass sie nichts miteinander verbindet, noch Jeans Vorwurf gegenüber Julie, sie verhielte sich unstandesgemäß, hindert sie daran, Jean zur Flucht zu überreden. Er willigt ein unter der Bedingung, den Grafen zu bestehlen. Doch nach der Rückkehr des Grafen verwandelt sich Jean wieder in den devoten Diener. Er suggeriert Julie den Selbstmord als einzig möglichen Ausweg und überlässt ihr sein Rasiermesser. 

Spieldauer: 1 Stunde 15 Minuten, keine Pause 




'žEin Traumspiel'œ ' Strindbergs Drama über Himmel, Erde, Fegefeuer und die Hölle
 - eine Kooperation mit Tänzern des Tanztheaters Trier und Kreuz&Quer 
Kreuz & Quer 
Leitung: Alexander Kotz 

und Sabine Lamberty 
Strindbergs Werke sind düster, wie die schwedische Nacht dunkel ist. Und trotz der Botschaft, dass sich die Menschen das Leben zur Hölle machen, stecken in Strindbergs Dramen ein Schimmer von Hoffnung und Lebenssinn. Ganz besonders findet sich diese Hoffnung in 'žEin Traumspiel'œ, in dem Agnes, die Tochter des indischen Gottes Indra beschließt, zu den Menschen hinabzusteigen. Doch schnell stellt Agnes fest: 'žEs ist schade um die Menschen!'œ und versuchte sie am Anfang den Menschen liebendes Mitleid entgegenzubringen, endet sie zum Schluss auf einer Pest-Insel in absoluter Isolation. 
Diese Geschichte bringt Kreuz&Quer gemeinsam mit Ensemble-Mitgliedern des Tanztheater Triers im November im Kasino am Kornmarkt auf die Bühne. 

Aufführungen: Premiere 18.11., 20.11., 24.11., 4.12.2014, Kasino am Kornmarkt 19 Uhr 



USA , New York (NY) 




A sexy, twisting tale of psychological manipulation and revenge. Not that Strindberg saw it that way ' he told his publisher the play was 'œhumorous, loveable, all of its characters sympathetic.' 
Adolph anxiously awaits the return of his wife Tekla to their seaside resort, comforted by his world-wise advisor Gustav. But Adolf soon finds himself in the center of a scintillating exchange of suspicion and revenge, as old wounds are opened, insecurities are laid bare and former debts are paid. 
'œGripping, powerful and blackly comic' ' The Telegraph 

December 3- 7 2014 at The Wild Project 
195 East 3rd Street (Ave B) 
New York, NY 




Teatro Metastasio 

5/9 novembre 2014 | feriali ore 21.00, festivo ore 16.00 
di August Strindberg 
traduzione e adattamento Roberto Alonge 

Adriana Asti 
Giorgio Ferrara 
Giovanni Crippa 


scenografia Marco Rossi 
costumi Maurizio Galante 
luci A. J. Weissbard 
suono Hubert Westkemper 

produzione Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, Spoleto57 Festival dei 2Mondi con la collaborazione di Mittelfest 2014 

Danza di morte di Strindberg è un testo illustre, interpretato da sempre dalla critica come un exemplum della vita coniugale vissuta quale inferno domestico, in cui si confrontano e si scontrano, da un lato, la natura satanica della moglie, Alice, e, dall’altro lato, il carattere vampiresco del marito, il Capitano, che cerca di succhiare la vita del secondo uomo, Kurt, psicologicamente fragile e remissivo. 
Una lettura più attenta del dramma consente invece di prendere atto che, più semplicemente, siamo di fronte all’inferno domestico di una coppia per niente infernale. È solo con l’arrivo del terzo, di Kurt, che cominciano le tensioni. Il Capitano e Alice sono come una coppia di attori, tranquilli quando non c’è pubblico, e subito eccitati dalla presenza di uno spettatore. 
Roberto Alonge 



USA, Minneapolis (MN)

nimbus theatre
Northeast Minneapolis' Home for Independent Theater

Ghost Sonata

November 1, 2014 - November 23, 2014

A student with second sight longs for beauty, wealth, and the nobility of the upper class. His journey of discovery will show him crimes, lies, regrets, hyacinths. And a talking mummy. Strindberg unflinchingly squires us through a strange maze of desire and disillusionment, drawing us inexorably deeper into a world of bright shadows and dark truths. Rarely produced in English, director Zach Morgan and nimbus’ fearless ensemble, with a new translation by Danielle Blackbird, illuminate Strindberg’s seminal work of modernist drama.

Translator: Danielle Blackbird
Director: Zach Morgan

Stage Manager: Matt Alto; Set Design: Zach Morgan; Costume Design: Clara Cavins Wolford; Lighting Design: Brent Anderson; Properties Design: Ursula K. Bowden; Video Design: Josh Cragun; Composer: Charlie McCarron    

Old Man – Charles Numrich    
Student – Andrew Sass    
Daughter – Megan Dowd    
Girl Scout – Nissa Nordland    
Maid – Karen Bix    
Dead Man – Mark L. Mattison    
Woman in Black – Cate Jackson    
Colonel – David Tufford    
Mummy – Karen Bix    
Young Lady – Megan Dowd    
Plutocrat – Andrew Chambers    
Johansson – Shannon Troy Jones    
Bengtsson – Mark L. Mattison    
Fiance – Jean Shore    
Cook – Cate Jackson    
Cello – Ethan Bjelland    
Clarinet – Emily Powell    
Clarinet (sub) – Mary Beth Huttlin

Buy Tickets:




Teatro il Nodo

La Signorina Julie

di August Strindberg

Regia: Raffaello Malesci

"Amavo mio padre, ma presi le parti di mia madre, perché non conoscevo le circostanze. Avevo appreso da lei a odiare e diffidare degli uomini - lei odiava gli uomini. Ed io giurai che non sarei mai stata schiava di nessun uomo."

La Signorina Julie
August Strindberg scrive la Signorina Julie nel 1888. Ben presto questo piccolo dramma in un atto diventa un manifesto del teatro naturalistico. Oggi dopo più di cento anni abbiamo deciso di riproporlo in veste moderna, senza realmente preoccuparci delle implicazioni e stratificazioni storiografiche e di genere teatrale.
Oggi come allora Julie e Jean combattono la loro schermaglia d’amore senza esclusione di colpi, inesorabilmente attratti l’uno dall’altra a dispetto di tutti gli ostacoli che si trovano davanti. Ostacoli sociali, ma anche psicologici, di opportunità, di convenienza. Ostacoli che nel nostro allestimento si materializzano come impedimenti fisici che i personaggi dovranno scavalcare e distruggere per inseguire la propria felicità.
Il desiderio però si rivela illusione, la voluttà delusione, il sogno nebbia fugace e alla fine la salvezza si ritrova soltanto nella sicurezza linda e metodica di una tavola ben apparecchiata.

Scene e costumi: Raffaello Malesci
Luci: Fabio Tosato
Costruzioni scenografiche: Fabio Tosato
Sartoria: Mariuccia Schivardi
Segreteria: Federica Ghidini
Ufficio stampa: Serena Signori
Fotografie di scena: Maurizio Balzarini
Personaggi – Interpreti
La signorina Julie – Elisa Benedetti
Jean – Danilo Furnari
Kristin – Isabella Fossati



USA, New York (NY)

August Strindberg Repertory Theatre, Inc.

Miss Julie

October 21 - November 8, 2014
At the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street

The August Strindberg Rep transports "Miss Julie" to an antebellum Louisiana plantation. The landowner's daughter Julie has just broken off her engagement. It's Mardi Gras; she and the master's black butler John dance and drink. They hide in his room while the roughneck field hands vandalize the house in a never-before performed ballet sequence devised by Strindberg!
Julie and John have had sex and plan to flee for New Orleans, take a steamer and open a hotel in Jamaica. She steals her father's cash box to pay for the trip, but their plan is thwarted when John's fiancee Christine the cook announces that she will tell the stable boy on her way to church not to let any horses out until the Master is back!

Starring Ivette Dumeng as Julie, Reginald L. Wilson* as John, and Eboni Flowers* as Christine; Allison MacDonald and Joshua Lamar dance Ja' Malik's choreography.

Adapted by Edgar Chisholm, designed by Miriam Crowe, Marisa Ferrara, Donna Miskend and Andy Evan Cohen, translated and directed by Robert Greer.



USA, Pasadena (CA)

The Dance of Death

By August Strindberg

in a new version by Conor McPherson

Directed by Geoff Elliott & Julia Rodriguez-Elliott

Oct 12 – Nov 23, 2014

Production Sponsor: Terri Murray

Love is a battlefield.

“An impassioned, fever dream of an apocalyptic play.” – Chicago Tribune
“[Dance of Death] is a study in the horror of life’s spiritual isolation – the loneliness that unhappy intimacy with another only accentuates.” – The New York Times

West Coast Premiere!
Chicago Tribune called this brand-new translation (performed for the first time West of the Mississippi) “fiendishly energetic” and marveled at its “expressionistic sexual tension.” Long rumored to be the basis of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?—and serving up a similarly unwitting sacrificial lamb—this battle of the sexes crackles with “a leavening vein of mordant humor” (The New York Times, “Critic’s Pick.”). Tense and taut, brittle and brave, these scenes from a marriage cut to the core—and cast an unflinching light on personal revolutions with astounding force.



USA, Minneapolis (MN)

Miss Julie by August Strindberg

Presented by Theatre Coup d'Etat

Originally banned in multiple countries, Strindberg's classic "Miss Julie" is an examination of power in all its various manifestations. Set on Midsummer Eve, the play thrusts the audience into the wild upheaval of the celebration and hot summer night. Strindberg fearlessly tackles the forever raging battle of the sexes while also hitting upon class, love and even lust, in this 90 minute tour-de-force by Sweden's best-known playwright.

Genres: Adults only, Classical drama

Cast + crew
Role    Artist
Director    Peter Beard
Miss Julie    Kelly Nelson
Jean    James Napoleon Stone
Christine    Brie Roland

Schedule and venue
The American Swedish Institute
2600 Park Ave, Minneapolis

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 7:30pm - Sunday, October 26, 2014 - 5:00pm

Tickets: 30
Call (612) 871-4907
Reservations/buy tickets



UK, London

5th November 2014 to 22nd November 2014 - 7.30pm (Sat 22nd at 2pm)

Price: £14, £11 concessionPrices available at box office, email or via telephone.
Venue: Main House

Company: Ford Transit Productions
Writer: August Strindberg, Adaptation by David Greig
Director: Jayne Denny
Producer: Ford Transit Productions

Anxiously awaiting the return of his wife, Tekla, Adolph falls under the sway of  an influential stranger.
Old wounds are opened, insecurities are laid bare, and former debts are settled.
The portrait of a potentially fatal sexual triangle is both coldly objective and searingly passionate, described as ‘sexy & savage’, filled with ‘feral poetry’ and ‘venomous language’.
A play that will push the limits of both audience and production, a play and production not to miss.

Starring Mark Homer, Michael Lawrence-Killingbach and Minna Pang.




National Centre for Performing Arts, NCPA Marg , Nariman Point Mumbai

Miss Julie
7:00 PM   Fri, 26 Sep 2014 

Written by the famous 19th-century Swedish playwright August Strindberg, Miss Julie begins with a party in the house of a count, where his daughter, Miss Julie, finds herself drawn into a sexual relationship with her manservant, Jean. Miss Julie and Jean battle for control, while growing increasingly anxious about their liaison being discovered.

Directed by Sohaila Kapur
Cast: Vidushi Mehra, Damandeep Sidhu & Arti Nayar

A Katyayani (Delhi) Production

The play begins with a party in the house of a count. Little did he know that innocent daughter was drawn into a sexual relationship with her manservant, Jean. Watch the couple battle for control whilst trying to keep their relationship a secret.



Release Date: 12 September 2014 (Norway)

Liv Ullmann   Miss Julie



Italia, Padova

in "Il Padre" di August Strindberg

Sabato 30 agosto ore 21.3

Parco d'Europa - Padova (entrata da via del Pescarotto)

con Loris Contarini, Marta Bettuolo, Erica Taffara, Pierantonio Rizzato, Gianni Bozza

regia di Stefano Eros Macchi

Un capolavoro di dura psicologia che parte da un dissenso coniugale. Adolf, uomo rigoroso si scontra con la moglie Laura sull'educazione della figlia Berta. Egli la vorrebbe insegnante, lavoro che si addice ad una donna mentre la madre la vuole artista, velleità ridicolizzata dal marito.
In tal modo vengono messi a nudo i nodi irrisolti di un rapporto inaridito da regole che hanno reso i due coniugi estranei l'uno all'altro, rivali, nemici. Laura, decisa a imporre ad ogni costo la propria volontà, non esita ad instillare nell'animo del marito un dubbio atroce: quello della sua stessa paternità. Inizia così il lungo calvario mentale del protagonista che sprofonda in un'angoscia devastante, prefigurando la crisi dell'istituto familiare, che si basa sull'idea stessa di paternità quale fondamento del potere sulla famiglia e nella società ed assicurazione di eternità. 

In caso di maltempo lo spettacolo si terrà al Piccolo Teatro Don Bosco - via Asolo (zona Paltana)

Biglietti: posto unico €8

Gabbia Dischi – via Dante, 8 - tel. 049.8751166
Coin Ticket Store – via Altinate (III piano) – tel. 049.8364084
Scuola di Musica Gershwin – via Tonzig, 9 – tel. 342.1486878
la sera dello spettacolo dalle ore 20.00
Biglietteria online sul circuito Vivaticket –

Info: 342.1486878 –




Ojo por ojo

Federico Luppi – Érica Rivas - Darío Dukah
Dirección: Augusto Fernandes.

Un extraño llamado Gustavo (Federico Luppi) se presenta en el balneario en el que su ex mujer, Tecla (Érica Rivas), pasa unos días con Adolfo (Darío Dukah), su actual marido. Aprovechando la ausencia de Tecla, Gustavo mina, sutil pero efectivamente, la confianza que Adolfo tiene en su matrimonio. Gustavo juega con ventaja. Adolfo no sabe que aquel al que considera su mejor amigo, no es sino el antiguo marido de su mujer.

Cuando Tecla está a punto de llegar, Gustavo se marcha para, a escondidas, observar los estertores de la relación entre Adolfo y Tecla. Finalmente, y tras la marcha de Adolfo, Gustavo reaparece, para consumar su venganza. Tras un soterrado duelo con su ex mujer, la trama culmina con un crimen perfecto: un asesinato psicológico a plena luz del día, en el mancha las manos con la sangre de la víctima.

De Augusto Fernándes. Versión de Acreedores de J.A. Strindberg
Versión libre y puesta en escena: Augusto Fernándes

Producción: Fernando Blanco – Paola Lusardi
Diseño escenográfico: Augusto Fernándes – Marta Albertinazzi
Diseño de Vestuario: Marta Albertinazzi
Diseño de Luces: Augusto Fernándes
Realización de Vestuario: Alberto Bologna – Camen Montecarlo
Diseño sonoro: Marcos Zoppi
Luces: Gonzalo Berdes
Asistencia de dirección: Milagros Plaza Díaz
Asistencia de escenografía y Vestuario: Analía Morales
Producción Ejecutiva: Mariana Cecchini
Preproducción: Paloma Lipovetzky
Diseño gráfico: Alejandro Ros
Fotos: Xavier Martín - Mailen Vazquez
Prensa: Tommy Pashkus Agencia

Teatro: Margarita Xirgu
ESTRENO: Viernes 29 de Agosto, 21.00 hs.
Martes 26 de Agosto, 20:30 hs
Viernes: 20.30 hs.
Sábado: 21.00 hs.
Domingo: 20.00 hs.

Entradas desde $170 por plateanet o en la boletería del teatro




Premiär den 22 oktober 2014.

av August Strindberg



DÖDSDANSEN handlar om artillerikaptenen Edgar och före detta skådespelerskan Alice som efter 25 års bottenfruset äktenskap fortfarande lever tillsammans, förbittrade över försakade drömmar och förlorade karriärmöjligheter. Genom vännen Kurts besök från Amerika brister fördämningarna och missnöjet väller fram.

- Dödsdansen är ett rent mästerverk. Strindberg sätter fingret precis där det gör som ondast och vrider om med ett glatt sataniskt humör. De drastiska kasten i texten skapar stor komik och livsfarliga bråddjup.

Det handlar om kärlek, hat, åldrandet och döden.

Edgar – Mikael Persbrandt
Alice – Lena Endre
Kurt – Thomas Hanzon

Regi, manusbearbetning & scenografi – Stefan Larsson
Kostym – Kajsa Larsson

OBS: Dödsdansen har premiär den 22 oktober 2014.

Boka biljett



28 augusti 2014

OBS: Spelas  även under  oktober  2014


Strindbergs världsberömda äktenskapsdrama DÖDSDANSEN har Stockholmspremiär den 28 augusti 2014. GÖREL CRONA, JOHANNES BROST och HENRIK NORMAN intar scenen i de klassiska rollerna som skådespelerskan Alice, artillerikaptenen Edgar och vännen Kurt. I tjugofem år har makarna plågat varandra där man bor isolerade på en befästningsö. Äktenskapet är bottenfruset. När kusinen Kurt kommer på besök från Amerika bryts dödläget och helvetet kommer i dagern. Strindbergs magnifika ”danse macabre” bjuder på stor tragedi, humor och äktenskapsgnabb i den högre skolan.

Medverkande: Görel Crona, Johannes Brost, Henrik Norman, Anders Axelsson.
Regi: Görel Crona.
Musik: Janne Schaffer.

GÖREL CRONA som även står för regi har spelat Strindberg förr i ”Komplett Galen” och ”Fröken Julie”. 2012 debuterade hon som filmregissör och manusförfattare med ”Tysta Leken”. Filmen vann kulturnyheternas bagge som årets debutant. Under våren 2014 har Crona medverkat i Anne-Charlotte Lefflers pjäs ”Moster Malvina” på Strindbergs Intima Teater samt fått lysande recensioner för sin roll i filmen ”Kärlek Delux”.

 JOHANNES BROST tilldelades en guldbagge 2013 för huvudrollen i filmen Avalon. Under våren har Brost spelat i Allan Edwalls enmansföreställning ”Limpan” på Teater Brunnsgatan fyra samt i ”Mästerkatten i stövlarna” på Musikaliska. Vi har också sett honom i TV-serierna ”Lillyhammer” och ”Beck”. Under våren filmar Brost i SVT:s nya storsatsning ”Jordskott”. I höst kommer Johannes Brost dessutom ut med ut med en självbiografi.

HENRIK NORMAN medverkade som Prospero i Görel Cronas uppsättning av Stormen (Mirandas Saga) på Teater i Haga 2011. Han har även spelat Sorin i Sommarteaterns Måsen i Vaxholm och Alfons pappa på Intiman.

Biljettköp:, Kulturdirekt (Kulturhuset), Nortic 0455-619 700. Du kan köpa biljetter på Strindbergs Intima teater två timmar innan föreställningen då kassan öppnar.

Teaterkassa:08- 20 08 43.

2 TOR 19:00 Dödsdansen
3 FRE  19:00 Dödsdansen
4 LÖR 16:00 Dödsdansen

8 ONS   13:00 Dödsdansen
9 TOR   19:00 Dödsdansen
10 FRE  19:00 Dödsdansen
11 LÖR 16:00 Dödsdansen
12 SÖN
13 MÅN
14 TIS
15 ONS

16 TOR 19:00 Dödsdansen
17 FRE 19:00 Dödsdansen
18 LÖR 16:00 Dödsdansen

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Biljettpris: 250 kr ordinarie, 230 kr pensionär/studerande, 210 kr scenpasset.

Produktion: Görel Crona Produktion, Strindbergs Intima teater

Läas mer:ödsdansen


Argentina, Buenos Aires

'El Pelícano' de August Strindberg

"Una familia atrapada en una casa, llena de recuerdos, torturas, mentiras y abusos. Un padre muerto y una supuesta herencia por cobrar, pondrán en evidencia la ambición desmedida de alguno de los sobrevivientes de esta familia a la merced de sus propios intereses y ambiciones. Una carta aparecerá en el momento justo para develar la verdad y poner en marcha la venganza. August Strindberg escribió esta inmensa obra en 1907 sobre los vínculos familiares. La esquizofrenia tiñe su obra de apariciones fantasmales del pasado que enloquecen a los culpables."

San Martín 766 - CABA.-
Venta de entradas:
Reservas e informes: 4312-5922 ó Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

Estudiantes y Jubilados: $50.-

Nota del Director:
"Para que haya Strindberg, tiene que haber esclavitud. Me retrotrae este material a la época en que los hijos eran esclavos de los padres y por más que uno tuviese un padre imbécil, injusto y hasta violento, no podía más que obedecerlo.
Creo que por suerte (estoy hablando de manera general y no de manera particular), la época en ese sentido cambió para mejor. Y esos padres terribles quedaron expuestos en toda su miseria y narcisismo ante la psicología entre otras cosas y a partir de ahí, el engaño ya no fue tan fácil.
Pero esta familia, es un ejemplo de oscurantismo, y de cómo puede ejercerse la tiranía sobre algunos seres, tomando como escudo el rol de madre o padre de familia. Los que deberían dar de comer, son los que esconden el pan solo para ellos, y dan migajas a sus pequeños.
Por eso la imagen del Pelícano, se yergue con una humorada sutil, irónica, para retratar a una madre que está dispuesta a comer a sus propias crías con tal de sobrevivir.
Retratar a esta familia, es retratar el horror de haber tenido que soportar alguna vez los vejámenes de una educación patética y miserable."
Gabriel Molinelli.

Director: Gabriel Molinelli y Bernardo Forteza
Autor: August Strindberg

Elisa, la madre..........Graciela Bonomi
Fredrik, el hijo........... Andrés Gorostiaga
Gerda, la hija............. Laura Sardin
Axel, el yerno............. Diego Burzomi
Margret, la criada...... Cristina Culatina

Ficha Técnica:
Actores: Graciela Bonomi, Diego Burzomi, Cristina Culatina, Andrés Gorostiaga y Laura Sardin
Iluminación: Diego Burzomi y Bernardo Forteza
Música original: Marcelo Ferreyra
Vestuario: Cristina Tavano
Escenografía: Cristina Tavano, Gabriel Molinelli y Bernardo Forteza
Diseño gráfico: Andrés Gorostiaga
Realización audiovisual: Pedro Ielpi y Andrés Gorostiaga
Prensa y comunicación: Más Prensa
Asistencia de dirección: Diego Nicanor Gonzalez
Realización ejecutiva: Lucas Silvani
Dirección general: Gabriel Molinelli y Bernardo Forteza

Esta obra está dedicada a la memoria de Gabriel Molinelli.




USA, New York (NY)

Bastards of Strindberg

A world-premier of new short plays inspired by August Strindberg’s “Miss Julie,” written by a group of the most exciting contemporary American and Swedish playwrights.


Playing at The Lion Theatre. 410 West 42nd Street.

By Dominique Morisseau (USA), David Bar Katz (USA), Andreas Boonstra (Sweden), Lina Ekdahl (Sweden)

Directed by: Henning Hegland (Norway) & Alicia House (USA)

Starring: Zenzele Cooper (USA), Albert Bendix (Denmark), Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz (Sweden), Vanessa Johansson (USA), Rikke Lylloff (Denmark), Drew O'Kane (USA) Kwasi Osei (Denmark), Devin B. Tillman (USA)
Composers and Live Musicians: Anette Norgaard (Denmark) & Elyssa Samsel (USA)
Set & Lighting Design: TBA
Costume Design: Nicole Wee (USA)
Sound Design: Amy Altadonna (USA)
Stage Manager: TBA (USA)
Assistant Stage Manager: TBA (USA)



Fräulein Julie

August Strindberg

REGIE: Joana Tautz

Es ist die Nacht des Mitsommernachtsfestes: Die junge Adelige Julie fühlt sich zu dem Diener Jean hingezogen. Jean beeindruckt sie mit seiner Bildung und Männlichkeit, Julie wiederum, von hohem Stand und lebensfreudig, schafft es, dass Jean schließlich seine Verlobte kurzzeitig vergisst. Zwischen den beiden entspinnt sich eine heftige Liebesbeziehung, die von den starken Standesunterschieden und wechselnden Dominanzverhältnissen geprägt ist. Am Ende der Nacht scheint die Situation der beiden ausweglos verwickelt.

August Strindberg ist neben Ibsen der bekannteste klassische Dramatiker Skandinaviens und gilt als Wegebreiter des literarischen Expressionismus und Symbolismus. »Fräulein Julie« stellt einen der Höhepunkte in Strindbergs Werk dar. Kernthema vieler seiner zahlreichen Werke ist das Verhältnis der Geschlechter zueinander und das Untersuchen sozialer Rollen.

Joana Tautz studierte Regie an der Theaterakademie in Ulm und ist seit Sommer 2012 Regieassistentin am Theater Konstanz. Mit »Iris« nach Hermann Hesse gab sie dort im Februar 2014 ihr Regie-Debüt, nun inszeniert sie für das Sommertheater Überlingen »Fräulein Julie« in der Kapuzinerkirche.




The Actor's Studio of Newburyport

August Strindberg’s The Stronger

Friday and Saturday, July 18 & 19 at 8 pm; Sunday July 20, 7 pm

Two iconic short plays directed by Glenda Donovan
Friday and Saturday, July 18 & 19 at 8 pm; Sunday July 20, 7 pm
August Strindberg’s The Stronger
Featuring Anna Smulowitz and Kathleen Isbell
In this short play Strindberg creates an episode of incredible, poetic power – a snapshot of life so intense, so powerful, that it rivals Beckett at his best. Like a Kafka short story, ‘The Stronger’ is rich in allegory and lends itself to many layers of interpretation.
It is a powerful play, one that makes a deep impression, and leaves one with the illusion that one has travelled far and seen much.
What is it that makes the play so powerful? To begin with, it is an immaculate piece of stagecraft. It is a tribute to Strindberg’s genius that despite the fact that one character, Miss Y, says nothing right through the play, the interaction between her and Mrs X is in every sense of the term a dialogue, leaving open the question of who is ‘The Stronger’ one.

Anton Checkov’s, The Proposal
First performed in 1890, this one-act farce suggests that, in marriage, economic security takes precedence over romance and love. The play takes place in 19th Century Russia and takes a satirical look at the upper middle class and courtship.
Lomov is thirty-five years old and his neighbor Natalia is twenty-five, well past the age of most brides at the time of the play's setting. This fact suggests that Lomov's motivation is not romantic, but practical.
Lomov is reluctant to say anything romantic to Natalia; instead, he speaks of the meadows, “....and meadows touch your birchwoods.” The marriage proposal itself is laced with foolish arguments over small things.




AAA Laboratori teatrali cercasi?
È sempre tempo per imparare e formarsi: ecco i laboratori che si terranno in città nel mese di luglio.

Di Giulia Esposito
Quartar Parete, 27 giugno 2014 

Laboratorio condotto da Orlando Cinque – Verso il Pellicano – II studio      
Dove: Palazzo De Liguoro
Quando: 12 giorni dal 7 al 19 Luglio 2014 per quattro ore di lavoro.
Orario: 15-19

Descrizione: Dopo la straordinaria esperienza umana ed artistica di CREDITORI, intendiamo continuare il nostro percorso di studio e ricerca sulla drammaturgia classica moderna, muovendo i primi passi verso la messa in scena de IL PELLICANO, anch’esso di August Strindberg.
Crediamo che in momenti di crisi, culturale ed umana prima che economica, bisogna ritornare a confrontarsi coi Maestri e con le necessità più profonde del fare teatro. Abbiamo cercato in Strindberg un nume tutelare, un “padre” nell’arte. Abbiamo incontrato la sua struggente e spesso contraddittoria ricerca di verità, riconoscendoci in essa. Abbiamo trovato una miniera aurea di stimoli e suggestioni per sviluppare la nostra poetica e dare risposte alle nostre domande.
Non vogliamo abbandonare un percorso che ci ha dato così tanto. Vogliamo cercare nuovi modi – anche produttivi – per proseguirlo. Quindi rilanciamo: CREDITORI per il momento non girerà? Bene. Noi puntiamo a una Trilogia Strindberghiana, e ci prepariamo al secondo movimento: Il PELLICANO
Perché? perché ci permette di affrontare un tema per noi fondamentale: quello della famiglia e , in generale, del rapporto con tutto ciò che ci nutre ma al tempo stesso ci rende dipendenti da pesanti gabbie ‘identitarie’: la Tradizione, la Cultura, la Religione o perfino il Metodo che adottiamo, dentro il quale ci sentiamo sicuri. Vogliamo fare un passo per liberarcene..
Ci proponiamo quindi di realizzare una serie di laboratori intensivi nei quali condividere quanto appreso dall’esperienza di CREDITORI, muovendo i primi passi nello studio de IL PELLICANO. Per non disperdere quanto imparato, aprendosi a incontri e modalità nuove.
A chi è rivolto: Il laboratorio è diretto ad allievi attori che abbiano maturato esperienza scenica e ad attori professionisti che vogliano misurarsi con la drammaturgia di August Strindberg.

Per info e prenotazioni:  -339 891 01 63




Arojah Royal Theatre

August Strindberg's
Dance of Death 1

Swedish playwright, August Strindberg is set to make, probably what could be said to be his first ever appearance on the Nigerian’s theatre space, as Abuja based theatre outfit, Arojah Royal Theatre is set to stage Dance of Death, Part 1.
The two part play is about a half-crazed married couple locked together in splenetic isolation. Edgar, a garrison captain played by Toba Oyewale, and his wife, Alice played by Oluwaseun Odukoya, a thwarted actor, prepare to celebrate 25 years of married torment in the fortress they laughably call home. Half-starved and seething with contempt for everyone on the island, they fall with malign glee on Alice's cousin, Kurt, played by Ebitchi Promise, who arrives to be the new quarantine master. Since it was Kurt who brought them together, he becomes a weapon in their domestic warfare, as well as someone to confide in. But, contaminated by their viral passion, Kurt eventually beats a retreat leaving the pair in a state of exhausted reconciliation.

VENUE - Residence of the Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria on Plot 41, T.Y. Danjuma Crescent, Asorokoro Abuja.

TIME - First Show - 3.00pm & Second Show - 5.30 pm

Gate Fee - STRICTLY BY INVITATION. To reserve a seat, call 0805 277 1123 or email: for details.

Read more:
& FB -




Spoleto57 Festival dei 2Mondi

di August Strindberg
traduzione e adattamento Roberto Alonge

regia Luca Ronconi

Adriana Asti
Giorgio Ferrara
Giovanni Crippa

scenografia Marco Rossi
costumi Maurizio Galante
luci A. J. Weissbard
suono Hubert Westkemper

Spoleto57 Festival dei 2Mondi
Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana
in collaborazione con Mittelfest 2014

Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi            

27 GIUGNO         21:00    
28 GIUGNO         16:30    
29 GIUGNO         16:30    
04 LUGLIO         18:00    
05 LUGLIO         15:30    
06 LUGLIO         18:30    

platea e palchi platea € 35,00
palchi I e II ordine € 20,00
loggione € 10,00



USA, Texas

The Southwest Association of Literary & Dramatic Artists presents Julie

Times: June 13-15, 19-21, 26-28 at 8pm; June 22 at 2pm
Playwright(s): William M. Razavi

An upstairs/downstairs love affair.  A desire for debasement and advancement.  Bullying, brutal, tender, wistful.  All of these have been used to describe productions of August Strindberg’s Miss Julie.  Ours is a new version, exploring these same emotions and conflicts in a contemporary, local setting.  The mad tryst between Julie, a rich kid bored with her privileged life and tragically abandoned by mother, father, and fiancé, and John, a Valley exile striving to attain his own small American dream, is fueled by those very desires for debasement and advancement, but also by Julie’s fragile need to have a real moment of connection.  John’s lover and Julie’s friend Christine is sacrificed on the fire of John and Julie’s sexual collision, until she, too, sees an opportunity to achieve her own ends.  In their desperate attempts to grasp a little of their own, the three are ultimately willing to destroy each other, even themselves, for a moment of true freedom.

Julie:  Sarah Nixon
John:  Miguel Di Costanzo
Christine:  Emily Lyssy

Directed by Emily Fitzgerald

Location: Performing Arts San Antonio (PASA), 15705 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, Texas, 78232
Tickets: $15.00 General Admission, $5.00 discount to students and SATCO members
- See more at:


Deutschland, Berlin

Stadtbad Steglitz

Totentanz (Blauer Raum)
nach August Strindberg
/ gefördert vom Kulturamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf aus den Mitteln des Bezirkskulturfonds

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 14, (20:00) bis Samstag, 24. Mai 14 (13:26)

„Totentanz“ von August Strindberg ist das Urbild aller Ehedramen. Auf einer entlegenen Insel lebt der Offizier Edgar mit seiner Frau Alice seit fast 25 Jahren in einem Festungsturm. In völliger Isolation. Aus der einstigen Liebe ist mittlerweile abgrundtiefer Hass geworden, sie bekämpfen sich, wo sie nur können. Aber was geschieht, wenn man die Machtverhältnisse umdreht?
Wenn aus dem Patriarchen Edgar Eddy wird, eine moderne und erfolgreiche Geschäftsfrau, und aus Alice, dem Musterbeispiel weiblicher Ohnmacht, Al, der erfolglose Schauspieler, der um der gemeinsamen Kinder willen seine Karriere aufgegeben hat? Jetzt sind sie in mittleren Jahren und ziehen Bilanz, dass einem Hören und Sehen vergeht…
Im „blauen Raum“ des Stadtbads Steglitz, dessen blau glänzender Boden die Zuschauer wie ein lebensfeind liches Meer empfängt, spielen die beiden hier die tragikomische Version eines Endspiels, in dem man sich hasst, sich bekämpft auf Leben und Tod, das aber durchaus spielerisch, mit scharfem Witz und einem besonderen Sinn für Humor.
Und so wird weiter getanzt am Rande des Abgrunds, bis dass der Tod sie scheidet.

Konzeption und Schauspiel: Anette Daugardt und Uwe Neumann
Bühne und Kostüm: Dorothea Schutsch
Regieassistenz: Birthe Walter
Licht: Friedrich Gatz
Ort: Blauer Raum Eintritt: 20,-/ 15,- Euro ermäßigt



USA, Miami (FL)

The Naked Stage presents

By August Strindberg

May 23 - June 8, 2014

Directed by Margaret M. Ledford
Starring: Katherine Amadeo, Matthew William Chizever and Deborah L. Sherman

The Naked Stage returns with Michael Meyer’s vivid translation of August Strindberg’s classic drama.

The year is 1894. Midsummer night’s celebrations are in full swing, but the Count’s daughter, the beautiful and imperious Miss Julie, feels trapped and alone. Downstairs in the servants kitchen, handsome and rebellious footman, Jean, is feeling restless. When they meet, a passion is ignited that soon spirals out of control. Strindberg’s masterpiece caused a scandal when first produced -- and has been hugely popular ever since -- for its searingly honest portrait of the class system and human sexuality.

The Naked Stage performs at the Pelican Theatre. 11300 NE Second Ave, Miami, Florida 33161
Tickets: (866) 811.4111    Admin Office: (954) 261-1785    Email:





USA, New York (NY)

August Strindberg Repertory Theatre

To Damascus, Part 1

August Strindberg's "To Damascus, Part 1" will be adapted to Harlem, 1962, by August Wilson playwrighting fellow Nathan James with a multi-racial cast April 18 to May 11, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday matinees at 1:30 PM.

The August Strindberg Rep will present Part Two in March, 2015 and Part Three in 2016, the first time the trilogy will have been presented complete in English and the first time in any language in 99 years!
The Harlem 1962 setting was chosen by artistic director Robert Greer and dramaturg Nathan James, a frequent actor in Strindberg Rep productions. It seemed appropriate to place this expressionist play into an era where, at least in Black neighborhoods, the pace of social change had accelerated nearly to the point of surrealism. Not only had the Civil rights era come to a boil during the early '60s, but the first inter-racial couples had begun to appear in public. A partner in one of these couples was the literary artist Amiri Baraka. His parallels to The Stranger, the hero of Strindberg's play, were poignant to James and Greer and influenced their vision for this character.
Part one of the trilogy has been described as "Strindberg's most complex play" and as "his greatest play," with its mix of myths, symbols and ideas and a profound spiritual analysis in a new dramatic form, and the trilogy his magnum opus, drawn from his near-total nervous breakdown, the marriage that preceded and precipitated it, and the restorative effects of the marriage that followed. The Strindberg Rep will present one part each Spring through 2016.

At the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street in the East Village.

Previews 8 PM - Friday, April 18, 2014, Saturday, April 19, 2014

Opening 1:30 PM - Sunday, April 20, 2014

Performances 8 PM
Thursday, April 24, 2014, Friday, April 25, 2014, Saturday, April 26, 2014
Thursday, May 1, 2014, Friday, May 2, 2014, Saturday, May 3 2014
Thursday, May 8, 2014, Friday, May 9, 2014, Saturday, May 10, 2014

Matinees 1:30 PM - Sunday, April 27, 2014, Sunday, May 4, 2014

Closes 1:30 PM - Sunday, May 11, 2014

AND "The Deadly Dance", Fred Crecca's adaptation of "The Dance of Death" will be directed by Whitney Aronson.
Wednesdays at 8 PM, April 23, April 30, May 7

tickets $18
students and seniors $12 212-868-4444
We participate in the TDF Off-Off@$9 program.



USA, Chicago (ILL)


The Dance of Death

By August Strindberg
In a new version by Conor McPherson

Directed by Henry Wishcamper

April 1 - July 20, 2014

664 Vernon Ave | Get Directions ›
Running Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes with one intermission

August Strindberg’s masterpiece tells the deliciously venomous story of a crumbling marriage—laced with black comedy and biting humor. As their 25th anniversary approaches, military captain Edgar and his wife, Alice, face off in a fierce battle of wills. Their sparring proves both harrowing and hilarious, amplified by the voice of celebrated playwright Conor McPherson (Port Authority, The Seafarer, Shining City, Dublin Carol). His adaptation brings lyricism and ferocity to the story of the tyrannical captain and his manipulative wife, and the “innocent” Kurt who stumbles into their midst and quickly finds himself ensnared in the couple’s wicked game.

Shannon Cochran (Alice)
Phillip Earl Johnson (Kurt)
Larry Yando (Edgar)

Henry Wishcamper (Director)
Kevin Depinet (Scenic Designer)
Rachel Laritz (Costume Designer)
Keith Parham (Lighting Designer)
Josh Schmidt (Sound Designer)
Julie Eberhardt (Props Designer)
Tommy Rapley (Choreographer)
Greg Allen (Assistant Director)
Rebecca Pechter (Stage Manager)



Deutschland, Frankfurt

Ein Traumspiel
August Strindberg
Deutsch von Willi Reich

Und manchmal schwirrt der Schwindel durch die Lebenden / an der Grenze zwischen Wahnsinn und Verrücktheit.

Was ist das Leben oder: Wie wollen wir leben? Strindberg schickt Agnes, die Tochter des Gottes Indra, auf die Erde und beschreibt, was in ihrem Kopf passiert: ein Alb-Traumtrip durch Lebens-Möglichkeiten. Phantasie übertrifft dabei die Wirklichkeit, alle Figuren und Geschichten kommen und gehen wie im Traum. Hinter jeder Tür ist: Nichts.

Strindbergs Traumlogik schwebt zwischen Schönheit und Wahnsinn, beklemmend und befreiend, bürgerliche Selbstverwirklichungsideologie trifft auf ein Gespenst namens Freiheit.

Der Regisseur Philipp Preuss wird mit dieser Arbeit an seine früheren Inszenierungen am Schauspiel Frankfurt wie »Alice im Wunderland« und »Das Käthchen von Heilbronn« anknüpfen. Wiederum wird er Bilder des angelegten und verlegten Lebens zaubern und skizzieren, denn das Stück hebelt das Diktat des Orts und die Logik der Zeit aus und führt zu unendlichen Stationen, die letztlich immer nur Zwischenstationen sind.

Regie: Philipp Preuss
Bühne: Ramallah Aubrecht
Kostüme: Katharina Tasch
Musik: Kornelius Heidebrecht
Video: Konny Keller
Besetzung: Franziska Junge, Lisa Stiegler, Nico Holonics, Sascha Nathan, Christoph Pütthoff, Kornelius Heidebrecht (Musiker)



August Teatern

August Strindbergs svarta komedi ”Leka med elden”.

Spelas 4, 5, 11 och 12 april i Teaterladan, Wadköping.

Kom på en underhållande och intressant föreställning av August Teatern, en nystartad frigrupp bestående av teaterpedagoger, som nu sätter upp August Strindbergs svarta komedi ”Leka med elden”.
Knuts och Kerstins äktenskap ser bra ut på ytan. De har det gott ekonomiskt, hus, familj och en gemensam vän som älskar dem, men älskar dem varandra? Vad händer om gnistan försvinner och man börjar tröttna på varandra? Oskyldigt flörtande kanske kan tända lågan på nytt? Fast ingen av dem kan ana vad som händer när man börjar leka med elden.
I denna moderna tolkning av Strindbergs originalmanus, berörs de känsliga och tabubelagda ämnena olycklig kärlek och otrohet. Ett aktuellt ämne att belysa idag, precis som för över 100 år sedan när manus skrevs. Var går gränsen mellan harmlöst flörtande och otrohet? När bör man följa sitt eget hjärta, med risk att såra dem man älskar?

4 april kl. 19.
5 april kl. 14 och 18.
11 april kl. 19.
12 april kl. 14 och 18.

Plats: Teaterladan i Wadköping.

Regi: Peter Joelsson.
På scen: Ingrid Eklund, Mikael Östlin, Christer Norén, Jonas Stenström, Christoffer Lindskog och Magdalena Magnusson.

Pris: 100 kr vuxen. 50 kr student, ungdom och pensionär.
Biljetter bokas på ticnet.selänk till annan webbplats eller betalas på plats.

& Länkar:

Glasgow, UK

Citizens Theatre

Miss Julie:
An Afternoon with Strindberg

A new version by Zinnie Harris, based on Strindberg’s play

Main Theatre, 6 Feb 2014 to 15 Feb 2014

A flirtatious contest for power becomes a vicious struggle for survival. With Sherlock’s Louise Brealey. Only 9 performances!
In the oppressive heat of summer, Julie is drawn into a dangerous game with her father’s butler, John. As the night wears on, the couple from opposite ends of the social spectrum, flirt and fight towards an explosive conclusion.
A thrilling upstairs-downstairs liaison, played out against a background of industrial and social unrest, August Strindberg’s masterpiece is relocated to 1920s Scotland in this powerful new version of the classic European play. Louise Brealey, star of the BBC’s Sherlock takes the title role of Miss Julie.
Zinnie Harris has written extensively for theatre and television including the acclaimed The Wheel, Further than the Furthest Thing, Midwinter, Fall and the BBC’s Spooks.

50p-£19.50 (concessions available)
Preview £8 | Tuesdays £12
50p tickets on sale Sat 1 Feb
£2 online transaction fee applies
See Pricing for all prices, concessions and offers inc. Season Pass

Miss Julie: An Afternoon with Strindberg
15 Feb 12.15pm | £10 plus ticket to the show

Miss Julie: Inside the Rehearsal Room
Aimed at Higher and Advanced Higher Drama Students


España, Madrid

"Jugar con fuego"

"Jugar con fuego"

Días: 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 y 26 de enero 2014
Viernes y sábados a las 21:00 h. y domingos a las 20:00 h.

Directora: Rebeca Mayorga
Actores: Beatriz Collado Álex Alcaide Jesús Villegas y Jerónimo Salas

Un triangulo amoroso juega entre el deseo y lo prohibido como antídoto a lo cotidiano.
Jugar con Fuego es una comedia donde las perversiones de los jugadores pueden llegar a quemar.

En el Teatro LAGRADA
C/Ercilla 20, 28005-Madrid
Metro Embajadores y Acacias

Reservas/venta de entradas: 91 292 64 77 (Teatro Lagrada)






Montaje teatral basado en un texto autobiográfico de August Strindberg
Puesta en Escena / Cristián Plana
Con / Rodrigo Soto / Alexandra Von Hummel / Daniela Ropert / Diego Salvo / Natalia Ríos.


CASTIGO es la Puesta en Escena de un episodio de infancia relatado por el sueco August Strindberg en su novela autobiográfica “El hijo de la sierva”, escrita a finales del siglo XIX. La escena gira en torno al castigo recibido por el niño Strindberg a manos de su padre, en complicidad cruel con su madre y presenciada compasivamente por su niñera. Se trata de un retrato arquetípico que pretende dar cuenta de los vicios y abusos enquistados en esta intangible institución moral llamada familia.

En CASTIGO se exponen conflictos humanos que trascienden la biografía del autor, permitiendo al espectador mirarse en la escena y verse reflejado como en un recuerdo de infancia, donde se mezclan siniestramente la memoria y la imaginación, reconstruyendo, y a la vez ensoñando, un pasado inmemorial.

Puesta en Escena / Cristián Plana
Asistente de Dirección / Carla Casali
Elenco/ Rodrigo Soto / Alexandra Von Hummel / Daniela Ropert / Diego Salvo / Natalia Ríos.
Diseño integral / Belén Abarza
Sonido / Diego Noguera
Realización Escenografía / Fernando Quiroga / Sandro Compayante / Cristián Canales.
Funciones / Miércoles a Domingo
Horarios / Miércoles a Sábado 21:00 horas, Domingo 20:00 horas
Valores Entradas / Miércoles y Jueves Populares $ 2.000 / Entrada General $ 4.000, Estudiantes y Tercera Edad $ 2.000.
Reservas On line y al Teléfono 2 7323000

Convenio Estacionamientos




France, Paris

Théâtre :

Orage de August Strindberg jusqu'au 15 décembre 2013

Texte français René Zahnd (Actes-Sud Editions)
mise en scène : Jacques Osinski
avec : Grétel Delattre (Gerda, femme divorcée de Monsieur), Jean-Claude Frissung (Monsieur)
Michel Kullmann (le Frère), Alice Le Strat (Louise, parente de Monsieur), Baptiste Roussillon(Starck, le patissier) et la voix d’Agathe Le Bourdonnec
Dramaturgie : Marie Potonet
Scénographie : Christophe Ouvrard
Lumières : Catherine Verheyde
Costumes Hélène Kritikos
Son : Sébastien Riou

du 15 novembre au 15 décembre 2013 au Théâtre de la Tempête (Route du Champ-de -Manœuvre 75012 Paris)

Est-ce qu’August Strindberg a cherché à écrire une pièce sur le temps immobile, où les personnages semblent à jamais figés dans un éternel présent ressemblant bizarrement à un passé encore tout proche ?On peut aussi peut-être supposer qu’August Strindberg a mis dans sa pièce Orage plusieurs éléments autobiographiques, puisque de nombreuses similarités concernent aussi bien la vie d’August Strindberg que celle du personnage nommé Monsieur dans Orage… Derrière le calme apparent d’une salle à manger vue à travers une verrière, un homme déjà âgé, solitaire, dîne dans un décor figé et vieillot. Seule une servante qui vient méthodiquement apporter les plats et desservir, rompt cette solitude quelque peu pesante qui imprègne ce lieu où à l’évidence, personne ne s’aventure. Pourtant un autre personnage lui-aussi d’un certain âge vient tambouriner sur la vitre, invitant le dîneur à venir le rejoindre pour une promenade que l’on devine pratiquée quotidiennement par ces deux personnages. Peu à peu s’engage entre les deux hommes âgés qui se révèlent être frères, une sorte de dialogue, qui va permettre de découvrir le passé du personnage qu’August Strindberg nomme Monsieur. Un passé que Monsieur tient absolument à refouler et à bannir de son existence actuelle confinée et répétitive à l’excès. Monsieur tient en effet à sa tranquillité et le souvenir d’un divorce avec une certaine Gerda dont il a eu une fille peut s’il est évoqué accidentellement au détour d’une conversation, ramener à la surface des souvenirs que Monsieur d’une certaine façon aimerait enterrer à jamais. Elément dérangeant qui sournoisement va s’infiltrer partout et imposer une sorte d’angoisse latente : la présence matérialisée par de fréquents éclairs d’un orage qui se prépare à éclater. On peut dire que l’orage éclate lorsque Monsieur se retrouve à nouveau face à face avec Gerda qui mue par on ne sait quelle force obscure, s’introduit à nouveau dans la maison de Monsieur. Ce qui suit après cette rencontre est d’une rare et sèche violence et Gerda s’aperçoit qu’elle n’est nullement la bienvenue et finit par disparaître à jamais dans les ténèbres, laissant Monsieur à sa rancœur et sa haine. Le frère qui pourtant vient quotidiennement se promener avec Monsieur n ‘est pas lui non plus exempt de toute ambiguïté et l’on devine que ses relations avec l’ex-épouse révèlent chez lui une alliance de fait avec Gerda contre Monsieur…
Pièce d’atmosphère, Orage de Strindberg malgré son apparente simplicité, ne laisse guère d’indices pour cerner ce qui détermine le destin de chacun de ses protagonistes condamnés par une sorte de fatalité à errer dans les labyrinthes que tout au long de leur existence ils ont patiemment façonnés..
Jacques Osinski qui est responsable de la mise en scène d’Orage d’August Strindberg réussit une mise en scène démunie de tout artifice et de toute convention. Par petites touches il met à nu la personnalité de ceux qui gravitent autour de cette maison, révélant leurs lâchetés et leurs faiblesses, sans pourtant trop les accabler ou les juger. Pour arriver à ce résultat Jacques Osinski a choisi deux acteurs parfaits : Jean -Claude Frissung (Monsieur) et Michel Kullmann (le Frère) qui incarnent avec une étonnante justesse leurs personnages respectifs, semblant ne faire qu’un avec ces derniers…
Le reste de la distribution d’Orage est aussi d’un très haut niveau révélant chez Jacques Osinski le soin extrême qu’il prend à diriger avec précision chaque personnage même « secondaire »..
Au total un spectacle Strindberg hautement recommandable tant par la qualité du sujet abordé que par la très grande fidélité apportée à l’esprit du grand dramaturge, par Jacques Osinski.




«ΔΕΣΠΟΙΝΙΣ ΤΖΟΥΛΙΑ», του August Strindberg
(Fröken Julie)

december 2013

Επιμέλεια: Νίκος Αρώνης
Redaktör: Nikos Aronis

Η ομάδα χορού flamenco ARROYO NUEVO παρουσιάζει στον ομώνυμο χώρο, για περιορισμένο αριθμό παραστάσεων κάθε Παρασκευή, Σάββατο και Κυριακή, το έργο του August Strindberg, «Δεσποινίς Τζούλια», σε χορογραφία και σκηνοθεσία Σταύρου Λίτινα. Μια παράσταση που από την πρώτη στιγμή είχε θερμή ανταπόκριση από το κοινό γνωρίζοντας παράλληλα και καλλιτεχνική επιτυχία!

Το έργο πέρα από τα προφανή επίπεδα της πάλης των φύλων και των τάξεων, διεισδύει αριστοτεχνικά στο δίπολο «φόβος & εξουσία» και μέσα από αυτό φωτίζει πρισματικά όλες τις σχέσεις των εμπλεκόμενων προσώπων. Η παράλυση που προκαλεί ο φόβος και τα περιθώρια χειραγώγησης που επιτρέπει, καθώς και η δυνατότητα ανατροπής της εξουσίας, ως προέκταση, σμιλεύουν νοηματικά το κείμενο ενισχύοντας τη διαχρονικότητα του. Γράφτηκε το 1888 και προκάλεσε μεγάλο σκάνδαλο για την προκλητικότητα των ιδεών του και την αμεσότητα της γραφής του. Αποτελεί σήμερα το εμβληματικό δράμα του Σουηδού συγγραφέα.

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